What is Attention to the Present?

The haven of peace of thought is attention. The truth is that many of the properties of attention have gone unnoticed throughout Human History.



Attention to the present is an intentional focus of attention, which allows us to observe, without valuations, our bodily sensations, emotions, thoughts and external phenomena, while we are living them. The important thing about attention to the present is to practice it. No teaching about self-attention is more important than its practice. Only the knowledge of attention is incapable of producing the benefits of practice.


The practice of attention to the present is fundamental in order to be able to place ourselves in the world, in every situation we live in, both outside and inside ourselves. Intentionally practicing attention to the present, from childhood, will help us to lead a healthy life for our brain, full, calm, centered and free.

Your health contributes to everyone’s health.


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Working with children

Attention can develop much more easily when we are children. That’s why we emphasize the importance of your teaching from infancy until it becomes a healthy way of living.

Download contents

We put at your disposal our work, which you can download “Free”. On this page you will find books, posters, among others, that will nourish your training in Attention to the Present.


Take a look at the results of research collected in years of study on the causes of human suffering, and on the advantages of the practice of Attention to the Present.


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