Do I live, by thinking involuntarily?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile

What I desire, what I fear, what takes away my pain, what distracts me from my worries, everything I seek, all of these things occupy my mind almost constantly. We may or may not realise this, depending on whether we have to use our ability to think in relation to other activities that are different from these. It is an enormous challenge to define life, but I venture to say that life is a state of being eternally in a present where we enjoy the potentialities that the universe has provided for us. Our presence in life, as I see it, has the objective of maintaining life, the most precious jewel that the universe has created. Along with everything else that manifests life, we are truly wonderful. Life and its ability to evolve towards beings that are more and more aware of what they are, is its reason for being. Life is the basis for appreciating that we are life and that we live to give life.

On the assumption that I am correct in defining life like that, my way of seeing it and finding meaning in it, provides great clarity for the process of living. If we live life in order to give life and maintain it, we are experiencing the most extensive and profound act of giving that can occur, life is an act of love from the universe, from a timeless entity.

But let us return to the present, to our own contribution to life.

We are able to realise that we are living, that we are contributing to life. The state of evolution of life today, gives us the ability to be aware of our present here and now. I do not live, however, if what I desire, what I fear, what I seek occupy my attention and lead me back to the past to blame myself, complain, repeat the pain and reclaim what I have lost, or to the future through the fear of suffering restrictions or pain or dying, or through desiring to become successful or very rich. If I think and I seek to distract myself from all of the things that annoy me or that I dislike in my life, or I simply allow myself to be carried away by these kinds of thoughts, we cannot call that life. That is the opposite of life. The life that exists and that the planet is experiencing, with deaths everywhere, the extermination of people and particularly children and open demonstrations of hatred are the clearest illustration that this is not life. Whatever our thoughts may be, if they point to the fragmentation of our lives in any of its forms, they are diminishing life. There are no precious and no useless lives.

I do not see any other path in life but that of paying deliberate attention to the present as far as possible. My distraction influences a lack of love which is how we are living.