​Addiction to submission to a leader or to ideas, means that I am giving up my freedom to choose?

Concepción, Chile

The existence of leaders in human culture is a necessity and even worthwhile in some trivial activities in life.   The same can be said of the ideas that are normally put forward as beliefs in politics, religion, traditions, pseudo-science, etc.  Neither leaders nor beliefs are worthy collaborators in the important issues in our lives. 

Your life has to be your own decision.  It is your fears, your laziness, your lack of awareness, your envy, your insecurity that impel you to follow paths that are not yours.  Our freedom to choose is a human characteristic that it is very damaging for us to neglect.  How sad it must be to realise, at the end of our days, that we followed other people’s footsteps!  That nothing, or hardly anything of what we are at that final moment, is truly us.  That our path through life was based on the useless, distorted maps we were given.

The pressure that we are subjected to through the licit and illicit propaganda that abound in the media is enormous.  And if you analyse them carefully, you can see that they are targeted specifically at your fears, your lack of awareness and your insecurity, in order to convince you that it is better for you to follow them.  They have made us addicted to submission to any old leader or slogan.

Observe this toxic reality carefully.  You are made to give up being yourself.  Observe yourself and ask yourself bravely for what reason, cause or circumstance you believe what you believe, do what you do, or think what you think.  It is highly likely that the lack of serious engagement that has led you to assume your identity will remain with you until it is too late for you to learn the truth about your life.

Take decisions now that will enable you to be yourself from now until your last day.