​Am I an unfinished puzzle looking to be completed?


Concepción, Chile

In my long life, more precisely in the most recent years of my long life, I have been able to observe how we feel on a permanent basis: we are constantly looking for something that we are missing.   We very rarely feel satisfied with what we are and, therefore, we spend most of our lives looking for what we think will complete us.

But the most curious thing is that we do not ask nor observe ourselves in order to discover what we are missing in order to complete ourselves.  We simply look for what it seems that all of us are seeking: money, success, prestige, ability, personal image, etc.  Often, we do it because of the pressure of the environment, rather than because it is really necessary to give meaning to our lives.  That meaning in life is something that the environment does not provide because it goes against the interests manipulated by what is called “the system” and is simply the “culture” that is controlling our lives.

But that deeply shrouded issue is not part of my exposition here.  I do not want to add to the violence with which we have learnt to treat each other.  I prefer a remark that, as a cheerful Chilean expression says, puts “dimples in the cheeks” of those who read it, like smiling at life and the beauty of the reality that surrounds us.

I am currently experiencing the happiest times of my life, after mooring my boat on an island where I have everything that I need to spend many moments of harmony, coherence and peace of mind, not because I have absolutely everything, but because I have completed the puzzle I was in my earlier life.  I can and do smile at life because I live with an awareness of what I experience.

I feel for those who have brought me this far and I live to bring all of those here who are within my grasp, because I have no doubt that the piece that we normally seek in the puzzle of our lives is the one that I have discovered: being present in my life.

What I am is the culmination of the meaning of my life.   Nothing matters if I am fulfilled.  My puzzle is complete.