​Am I normally conscious that I see?


Concepción, Chile

You do not know how wonderful you are and therefore you become distracted in trying to find something external to surprise you.  Often you seek to travel and try things that will allow you to experience something you are unaware of, in order to satisfy your likes and desires, to create what you have imagined, etc.  And all because you are not living in the here and now.  If you analyse yourself in depth, you will see that what you are seeking to experience is not as important as your desire to escape your own reality.  Your search is often an escape from yourself.  You will not see it that way while your observation is as superficial as you demonstrate.  You need to look more carefully to appreciate the true reasons for your distraction.  What is more, I imagine that you will even regard the way in which I am trying to point out this reality to you (that you do not see) as being inappropriate.  Forgive me for that, because if I do not do it, there is no way you will pay attention when I tell you, and try to get you to understand, that you do not know yourself and that you are much more than you believe you are.

You will see that my intention is not to criticise anything about your actions, I do not have any reason to do so.  My motivation is to open your eyes to show you a reality that you are not aware of, because if I help you to discover it, then together we will be able to make a significant contribution to our troubled world.

How can you discover yourself and experience how wonderful you are?  By focussing on what you experience.  Humanity’s fundamental problem is that we live distracted lives, we are zombie-like and feel that we are isolated from each other.  Therefore, if you pay attention to yourself, if you focus on yourself kindly, you will become aware of your inner experiences and that they are what dictate your behaviour.  They do it without your intervention.  You react automatically, which does not always bring harmony, consistency and peace of mind to your life and to those around you. 

Knowing yourself is the path to inner peace and to get to know yourself you must practise paying attention to what you feel in the present moment.  The way to learn to pay attention to the present is by being aware of those sensations you feel and which you can perceive most easily.

Are you normally conscious of what you see?  This reality allows us to learn to practise paying attention to the present.  Observe the miracle of vision with which are blessed.  Do not label what you see, just look at it.  Sight came to life at the same time as you were born and you are no longer surprised by its presence, just by its loss.   Practise, as often as you can, observing without labelling nor judging what you see.

Enjoy what you are.  You are not the place that you visit, the alcohol you drink, the car you use, the house in which you live.  You are what you feel inside right now.  You have everything you need for inner joy.