​Am I responsible for my peace?


Concepción, Chile

Nothing can be more pleasurable for living beings than to live in peace.  Beings adapt to the conditions in which they live and make efforts to preserve those conditions as far as their nature permits them.  Otherwise, life is impossible for them and they end up becoming extinct.

So, peace is a condition demanded by real life.  And it is a condition that, except in the all too frequent cases of  wars and inhuman conditions as a result of the poverty of our countries, we should achieve for ourselves.  It is our responsibility.

Even in the case of wars or of poverty in the places where we live, by not being able to deal with these scourges, we end up contemplating the painful necessity to emigrate.

Maybe in these situations it would be illusory to try and find inner peace while immersed in conditions that are intolerable for life.

But in the remainder of the examples, the attainment of inner peace is an ineluctable condition for a life of truth.  And we lose our inner peace very easily when we react with irritation or dislike to something.  Our criticisms and opinions about what we observe take away our inner peace.  In fact, most of our automatic or unconscious reactions are coloured by our annoyance.  And that annoyance is not compatible with inner peace.

So, there is no other path than constant self-observation, since the price that we pay through the loss of inner peace is very high.  The state of inner peace is the gateway to joy, healthy enjoyment, gratitude, harmony and coherence.  Health is the half-sister of Peace, they cannot live apart.

Pay attention to yourself and observe your reactions.