​Am I responsible for my peace?


Concepción, Chile

Living in peace is something that we achieve when we live by paying attention to what we are.  When we have learnt about what we are we live by accepting ourselves and being present in our own lives, we become responsible for our peace.

It is a fact of life that not everybody knows how to achieve and maintain the peace they have attained.  And, nevertheless, we are here and have everything we need to live in peace.

It is that simple, we need to live in peace, we can do it but we have not learnt how to achieve it.

What stops us?  Why do we not always enjoy peace in our lives?  Are we responsible for not experiencing the peace we deserve?

In order that you can find answers in yourself to the above questions, let me remind you of something that you know but you have probably not practised.

If you practise paying attention to the present, you will learn not just to be present in your life, as that is the pre-requisite for being conscious of what you do, feel or think.  In addition, you will learn to observe yourself and realise how you feel when you deal with the reality you face in your life.

In these conditions it will be possible for you to behave appropriately whenever you are denying what you are experience, because you do not like it.  That realisation will teach you to decide, when it seems appropriate for you not to react to what you dislike so that you do not lose the inner peace that you are experiencing.

Regardless of what you are faced with, if you pay attention to what you feel, you will have the opportunity to behave in the way that you have decided in order to become responsible for safeguarding your peace.