​Am I The Thinker?

Contribution by Isabel Hernández Negrín, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain.

I do not always think because I intend to do so.  While I try to arrange my ideas for this commentary, I am thinking.  But most of the time I do not think because I want to; my thoughts appear without me conjuring them up.  So, if I say that thoughts appear on their own, who is the thinker?  Throughout the time I spend in involuntary day dreams I cannot say that I am the thinker, but the ideas are there.  They are like a film that automatically sets itself in motion.  If I see something striking or that interests me, it may be that it sparks off some kind of thought and that by associating what I have seen with something else from my memory, this starts to pull together the threads of the film of the moment.

Seen in this way, I cannot say that I am the thinker but that thinking or imagining happens to me in an involuntary way.  Moreover, depending on the subject of the film, it leaves me with an emotional aftertaste that may range from amusement to sadness or annoyance.  And all of this, almost without us realising it leads us to live as if we were on a roller coaster of images, thoughts and feelings that change from moment to moment throughout the day.  And without us realising the importance of it all.

I suggest that you observe throughout the day when you are day dreaming and note this curious phenomenon of the roller coaster of thoughts/emotions.

You may discover more things!