​BEING PRESENT in myself – teaches me what I AM?


Concepción, Chile

It has always been understood, but it has only been in recent years that education in the most developed countries has started to introduce the practice of direct engagement as a means of education.  I do not learn by what I hear or read; just by what I observe or do.

As far as our inner selves is concerned, this statement is even truer.  I do not learn anything about what I am or how I feel from what other people say or what I read in specialised papers.  The only way to learn and possibly modify something in our inner beings is self-observation.  If we are not used to observing our reactions, our desires, fears, resentments, longings, etc, we will never know what we are like.

We believe that we are our name, our profession, our body, our reputation, the position we occupy, the wealth we possess, etc.  But that is a mistake maintained by the world we all know.  In reality we are what we feel, what we think and what we do in relation to the Totality that we all represent.  In fact, if you observe your daily life with attention, at every moment, you will experience how your closest or most distant relationships have affected you directly or indirectly.  That is what you are, no more nor less.  Your present is encapsulated in your whole body.  Your past is what you have already lived and your future is completely imaginary.  Your true identity is how you feel at every moment.

Self-observe without judging or blaming yourself; be present in yourself as often as possible and you will learn who you are.  You will learn to know yourself intimately and you will see that you will fall in love with yourself when you find a means of identifying what troubles you or makes you suffer and that simple knowledge will be sufficient for you to regain your calm and your inner peace.

Nobody is better than anyone else.  Our only differences are rooted in whether or not we live a life of peace; a life that is filled with, or devoid of, the understanding of other people’s suffering.  BEING PRESENT IN YOURSELF will help you to discover yourself and to be filled with LOVE.  We exist to the extent that we love.  There is no other way to truly live.  The imprint you leave on life is based on how much you loved.

Ask yourself frequently – WHO AM I?  It is the staple food for you to learn about yourself and to live in peace.