​Can I only find the BEST in LIFE in the PRESENT?


Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain.

“For the hope of tomorrow, we sacrifice today, however, happiness is always in the present.”
(J. Krishnamurti 1895-1986).

It is quite common to read or listen to someone say that we are wasting our lives by pursuing desires, fleeing from suffering and looking for distraction and pleasure.  However, it seems that we do not quite get the message.

Maybe that suggestion sounds like living a boring life without passion.

This is a mistaken way of interpreting what I have said.   Very often we are used to living with urgency, with a certain tension, even with a certain level of anxiety and stress that we associate with feeling alive.

From the moment I open my eyes I review images that pass through my mind almost without rhyme or reason.  There are also images that lead us to do tasks, or to following a dream or a desire and we imagine ourselves in the future fulfilling and enjoying that success.

We tend to place little importance on the present moment, on the instant in which all of these things are happening.  The moment when I wake up passes me by almost unnoticed, as does the moment in which the images appear in my mind, the moment when I stretch my muscles, when I shower or clean my teeth, the moment when I see the clothes I put on, the moment when I have breakfast, or whatever.   We tend to do all of this at full speed because the most important thing is yet to come.  The most important thing is never what we are doing or going through but is always beyond that.  Or rather, we waste time in our lives, whether it is by imagining or remembering and we never cherish the moment itself.

We do treasure it, if we live by paying great attention to every moment and to anything that appears or that we do, or think or feel.  It is not worthwhile to let our thoughts run wild, it is worthwhile to be aware of what we do, and to be conscious of that, whether it is thinking, speaking, walking, being moved, connecting with others, cleaning, eating…  If I become aware of my own presence at every moment I experience, then the best thing in my life is that moment.

If you do it right now, while you are reading these words, you will know what we are talking about.  The best of life is at this moment, and living it as if it were the last, will help you to give it the importance the moment (your life) deserves.

Live each moment as if it were the last.