​Depending on what is outside weakens me?

Concepción, Chile

How much do you know about yourself?  I am afraid that your response is likely to be among the majority of responses which generally refer to identity, profession, nationality, age and details like that.  But that does not answer the question.  You believe you know yourself really well because that is all you know about yourself.  Or rather, it is likely that you know your own back story very well – what you have gone through and how.  You will doubtless also know that you had a very good, or very bad, time at certain stages of your life. However, to help you, I am going to clarify the question slightly: do you know how much power you have to achieve what you intend to do with your life?

You do not know.  Therefore, I can state with confidence that what has happened to you in your life has been the way it has been, because you have never intervened to make it different.  That means that the culture in which you lived exploited your weakness in order to make you conform to its agenda.  Fears, desires, envy, stress, distress, distractions, addictions, etc may have been an important part of what you lived through.  Much of your life has taken place while you were distracted, since you did not take the necessary measures to stop that from happening.  That is probably because you did not know that things could have been different if you had been present in your life.

Not knowing that we can, if we set our minds to it, cease to be the victims of traditions, beliefs, philosophies and marketing, which put pressure on our lives, has devastating consequences for our lives.  We are dissatisfied because, as a result of our thoughts, desires and indoctrination, we aim for something that is absent from our lives. We live the life of others driven on by the dreams and successes originated by others.

In the long term the source of these aims and intentions does not imbue us with the energy we need in order to lead our own lives.  We depend on something we are not, on something that is alien to us.  The potential fuel to achieve our objectives is not our own, we are living the lives of others and are distracted from our own lives.

Observing yourself and being authentic about what you aim to do in your life will give you the energy and harmony that you need to succeed in your life and enjoy every moment that you live.