​Do I feel self-denial when I dislike how I am?

Concepción, Chile

When you realise that you dislike what you have been, even if it was only a few seconds ago, you are no longer like that.  You have already ceased to be that which you disliked.  You once were and you may be again, but you no longer are, when you realise what you have been.

The past and the future are not real; they are the result of our ability to think, remember and imagine.  Only the present is real.  You are what you are at this moment; not before or after.  These statements are not beliefs or pious lies.  They are the known laws of the universe we represent.

In the present you have a life that is always there.  Why ruin it with an aversion for what you did?  It is sufficient to acknowledge that you were not as you would have liked to be and to move forward with your life.  But being aware of life at every moment.  That moment is totally NEW to you, be what you want to be.  What you know is harmonious, coherent and peaceful for you and others.

What else?  Life can always be WONDERFUL if you know what that is like.