​Do we live by PROJECTING a VISION of the WORLD through our THOUGHTS which only EXISTS by THINKING of it?

José Pares Pérez
Concepción, Chile

When we ATTRIBUTE properties to what we perceive we become CREATORS of a reality that only exists in our imagination.  Transforming that illusion into a BELIEF is a source of misunderstandings and a lack of COMMUNICATION since conflating our PORTRAYAL of the EVENT with the EVENT itself disorients us and prevents us from learning.

We live by INFERRING through THOUGHTS more than we perceive through our SENSES.

Our SENSES DO NOT VALUE what we FEEL, it is the THOUGHTS that create it.

The qualities of the WORLD that we represent, as well as that of ALL OUR BELIEFS do not REFLECT THE OUTSIDE WORLD but our INNER WORLD.  We live by PROJECTING, by means of our THOUGHTS, a VISION of a WORLD that only EXISTS in our thoughts.