Does a VOCATION of CONTRIBUTION exist in the model of life that is COMPETITION?


Although a conscious life is something that can only be sustained based on individual responsibility, the consequences that this may come to have for a community cannot be ignored.  The qualitative leap that the attitudes and behaviour of a person whose vision is aligned with life’s values goes far beyond the simple arithmetical relationships that exist between conscious people and reactive people.

Ten thousand years of the expansion of human culture have resulted in a globalised world, a world where the EGOISTICAL model of COMPETITION prevails and where we squander our best, most vigorous energy.

We need to reinvest this energy in a model where CONTRIBUTION is the natural thing, where our energy, instead of being squandered is, BOOSTED.  Can the current model of society bring about this transformation?  An inevitable conclusion can be drawn from a negative response: we are experiencing a crisis of our evolution, which demands a profound transformation of the model that has driven us until now.

We have no doubt that the answer to this challenge is: AWARENESS.

Working with an awareness of the present allows us to understand many aspects of a reality that usually escaped us when we lived with a set of dynamics that were essentially distracted and reactive.  Many of the new insights gained signalled us to change.  We learnt where the gaps were in our models of thinking.  We set ourselves to work out how to adopt the changes we needed, changes that could bring technical innovation in a way that is aligned with our lives.

Many clear testimonies exist of the benefits of a personal life that is conscious of the present: vitality, coherence with the values of life, empathy, a high degree of attention, a good memory, a good level of communication, flexibility towards change, a creative disposition and a VOCATION to CONTRIBUTE.  All of these things, when they are contributed to an organisation, are gradually able to shape a different model of vision from that of the organisations that taint society and the world through competition.