​Does life last an instant?

Commentary by Carlos HerreroOsés, Navarre, Spain

Apparently life is what happens from our conception or birth, until our death.  If I stuck to giving a conceptual response this could be one of many responses  However, as I have realised time and time again concepts are no more than a reflection of reality and they cannot deal with it in its entirety; in order to know more I need to turn to experience, to existence.  Can I breathe, think, feel, be moved, plan, decide, remember, act or do anything else that occurs to me, in one minute’s time, or one minute ago?   The past and the future pass through our minds, of course, but do they do it outside this moment?

We agree on the importance of the past, if not, we would not be here, nor could we do the things we do, and on the importance of the future and planning for it.

But if we look at them in detail, we can see that actually they do not exist, they are nowhere, nor can we touch them, they are concepts in our minds that come and go without having their own existence.

The past used to be the present and the future, if it comes, will also be the present and will have its own characteristics.  Life is what can be experienced and we cannot experience anything if it does not exist in the present, do you not agree?