​Does LIVING through our WISHES make our lives an ENVIRONMENT for achieving desired goals?


When we make plans, we bewitch ourselves with the future we desire and we lose our awareness of the present and thereby inevitably our calm and inner peace.  It is necessary to remember that in order to regain our calm and inner peace we need to focus our attention on the life we are living.

Making plans in life is quite right and proper.  What is not right or proper is to confuse making plans with losing our connection to our lives in the present.  Making plans, with an awareness of what we are experiencing, guides us, from a position of calm, towards the fulfilment of our needs.  Our needs and their corresponding fulfilment can only be experienced in the present.

By contrast, making plans while unaware of what we are experiencing drives us from a position of stress, to shackle ourselves to the unsatisfactory illusion of desire.  Desire, unlike need, is incapable of creating or achieving satisfaction

By losing ourselves in desire we transform our lives into a means to achieve our desired aim.   So, we do not usually experience fulfilment.  Desire positions the most important thing, which is our goal, outside our present existence, somewhere in the future.  So, we place greater importance on our goals than on our lives themselves, and we end up living in a state of indifference, self-absorption, day dreaming and numbness.