​Is deliberately paying attention to myself making a date with my life?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile

Excellent question!  LOVE is an art that is learnt by getting to know ourselves and others.  One of the most fundamental signs of true love is paying attention to your loved one.  Paying attention implies that we are interested in how our loved one feels.  We cannot be indifferent to how our loved one feels, we care for them, respect them and take responsibility for them.

Not paying attention to ourselves is a source of suffering and illness.  If you do not love yourself, you do not love anyone: a state of the most absolute and unbearable loneliness.  You are not alone if you are present in yourself, but if you are afraid or tired of yourself, you seek distraction which is a personal state of loneliness. 

Through my practice of paying attention to the present in which I have been heavily involved through a personal demonstration of taking responsibility for myself, I have come to understand that if I do not love myself and if I am not interested in myself, I do not really love anyone.

Paying attention to myself has taught me the art of loving.  You realise that you are everything you have, your life is you, not what you possess.

And as you are one more of the wonderful manifestations of life, you know about everyone’s lives and you love without effort.

My profound interest for the life I am and what I can contribute if I learn to love, have meant that my practice of paying attention to my life, has gradually transformed into an attitude to life.  The occasions when I become distracted from my presence, as a result of those things that draw my attention away from what I feel, have become numbered.  I pay attention because I can accept that everything that might ultimately happen in my life, is part of my life and there is nothing more valuable here than my inner peace, a state of mind in which I tend to have a date with my life.