​Is it exhausting to spend my life resisting what I feel or what I am?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

Among the things that it is important to learn in life and that we are incredibly unaware of, is how to live.  There are very few children who, in their formative years, are taught to live.  It is a sad and painful truth.  Instead of that we are taught how not to live.  Our culture instils us with a misguided way of living and we use it to sustain an exhausting life because we have been taught to resist what we are and what we experience in order to achieve a success that is not natural to us.

If I want to learn to live I must explore a little more about myself and how I react to what I experience.  I do not have to go anywhere since I am talking about myself.  I know what I am talking about and the truth is simply within me not anywhere else.  Nobody knows more about this than I do.

I have had the good fortune to engage with myself after learning about myself and finding out what things are like within me.  The inner landscape, when you enter for the first time, can be daunting because you are facing a fear of the unknown.

You start by being afraid to move forward and you come out of there as if you are running away, seeking a distraction.  If you arm yourself with courage and try it again with a degree of regularity you come to understand that you are dealing with a perception of yourself and gaining knowledge about how you function.  This perception creates the trust and courage to carry on since you notice that running away leads nowhere.

That is you, someone who fears what they feel because they dislike it.  Someone who prefers to make a tremendous effort to achieve a distant desire believing that at that point, one day, they will find success and happiness.  Someone who prefers to suffer today to be happy tomorrow, as if that were real.

You have heard this many times and now you are reading it again, but you prefer to ignore it because you have always drunk the water or breathed the air of a culture that ignores what we are and why.  Give yourself a chance, rest and let yourself breathe the fresh air from within.  That is where life is.  Live your life.  Accept what you are like and give yourself a chance to live.