​Is it inspiration that allows me get to know myself?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

I will never tire of singing my song.

It may be a monotonous song, it may seem incredible; it may be that I do not have a score from which to sing it, all you want.  But it is my song, I have lived its theme, it does not offend anyone and it may help some; so I will continue singing it since I feel useful in life when I sing it.  What is more, it is simple and has lyrics that everyone can understand.

The only way of knowing what and who I am is by paying attention to myself.  While I was looking for myself in books, in self-help groups, in beliefs, in certain philosophers and people of good will, in various different places, it never occurred to me to pay attention to myself and to listen to myself.  Of course I was recommended meditation and I did it, but I never really found myself or what I had to say to myself.

I did not talk to myself because I knew that I was not present in my inner self.  I do not mean that I have now achieved this completely and permanently.  But frequent practice has borne or is bearing fruit.  I have learnt to “sit” and “feel” at ease with my inner self, to observe carefully what happens there (thoughts, emotions, sensations, tensions in the body) and to remain there for a few minutes, those that I can spare. 


Anywhere where it is not inconvenient for me to close my eyes and just to be, or even with my eyes open.  The most important thing is to focus on being there, within myself, for one minute or however long.

I have been as I am since I was a child and, now I know myself, I explain to myself nearly everything that I have experienced.  I was not and am not perfect, and I never will be.  But I accept myself and accept the reality that I experience through my connection with everything or, more precisely, as part of everything.