​Is living in peace and serenity the fruit of an election?

Commentary by Carlos Herrero Osés, Navarre, Spain.

For each of us these words may have a different meaning, but in general, peace and calm could be an absence of inner conflict, a state of calm, tranquillity and trust.

Life and the circumstances we experience and go through are what they are, we cannot change nor control them, as they say: “they are the cards the Universe deals us and we must play them….” Where we do have a choice is in how we live and with what attitude.

Basically there are two ways of doing it, fighting against it or flowing with it.

The former is what most of us normally do, it occurs when we are unaware for most of the day of what “is going on” our awareness is very disperse, owing to constant stimuli and we are lost in our own thoughts.

What is more, we are constantly being told stories about how things should be, about other people and ourselves and also about what ideas, emotions and sensations we should have and when reality does not conform to this we resist and that causes us tension, malaise and suffering.

The latter is much healthier and more balanced but it requires resolve and commitment. This way of living is not what we are used to, nor what we have been taught, and therefore we must train our attention to the present and cultivate a series of positions of openness and acceptance. It is not very comfortable to begin with because we must modify our mental approaches and overcome our resistance, but with a bit of patience and kindness it is what can lead us to a richer, fuller life with greater calm and peace.

What choice will you make?