​Is memory a present existence on the imprint of the past?

Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain

We can learn from what we have experienced…that is what it is all about.  Memories are like a film that remains etched on our brains.  They may be current events that are pleasant or unpleasant.  We resort to all of them at some point.  Sometimes with the intention of evoking something, but mostly they appear at the present moment through an involuntary association with something that is happening.  These imprints of the past, serve as a reference for our day to day lives, in which perhaps something is happening that seems similar. 

However, they do not cease to be imprints from the past.  Perhaps at the time they were significant, whether pleasant or unpleasant, but we must be aware, when this happens, that things do not recur exactly as they did and that externally today’s situation will not be the same, or perhaps we are not the same and we must be clear about that so that we can feel free of the emotional burden of the memories that we resort to for help.

Being conscious, realising that this happens all the time, gives you freedom here and now, because the imprints of the past that impact on the present have no reason to be a solution for now.  Your memory does not “oblige” you to repeat the past, but your lack of consciousness and awareness of what we have described, can lead you to repeat errors or experience chimeras by reacting in a way that ensnares you in the past.

Stay alert and do not become ensnared!