​Is taking care of my life my responsibility because it is mine alone?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

My life is mine alone.  A sentence that seems to say nothing and in fact says it all.

We do not normally pause in life because we are so used to it that we do not realise its existence and fragility.

And it is the most important thing we have.  All the other things outside our lives are bagatelles.  Nothing is important without life.  This is what we are: LIFE OR NOTHING.

And my life is mine alone, nobody else’s.  No one can live my life for me nor can I live anyone else’s life.  Pause for a moment please.  I know that you are reading this quickly so that you can quickly scroll through what your friends have written on social media.  I am grateful that you are reading this because I wrote it for you even though you are reading it hastily.   Why the hurry?  Note that I am talking about YOUR life.  Take a few seconds for yourself.  It is about your life, not just any old thing.  If you did decide to give yourself a few seconds, let me tell you that at this moment you are realising that you are present in yourself… 

You are becoming conscious that you are aware of yourself…Nothing else distracts you.  You are present in your life…Wait, do not go away so soon…Stay calm without thinking about anything, just feel for one more minute…anything that what was worrying you before you paused, you have been distracted from yourself for the last few seconds.  Have you not?  Our lives, for which we have decided to take responsibility, offer us millions of perceptions, sensations, emotions, actions and even thoughts to which we can pay attention at any moment of the day.   It is sufficient that you decide to pay attention deliberately because you love yourself enough to do it.

This is your life.  I will be very frank.  It may be that you have not relished the experience at all, or it may be that you have enjoyed being present in yourself.  Very soon, if you decide to continue practising you will discover it.  You will develop an interest in yourself and from that interest a love of yourself.  When we really love ourselves we take responsibility for what we love.