​Is the lack of attention to me living absent from my life?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

We have images for every word that we know and there are words for virtually all of the images that appear to us.  We deal superbly with this process of identifying what things are.

We experience reality by trusting in this interrelationship of images and words.  We do not generally use any part of our time or mental capacity to refer to this “dictionary” that our memories provide.

In this way we are always able to float above reality and therefore to keep up with the dizzying pace of modern life.  We do not normally pause to observe reality because we do not consider it necessary.  From what I am able to perceive of the reality we face I have enough to be able to continue on my journey.  

If something causes me to stop I do it to interpret, assess or judge what I am perceiving.

In the best case scenario I request more information about it, particularly if it has caught my attention.

But most often, I pass rapidly on to some other matter.  Living in this way is wandering through life.

It is a superficial way to live.

We do not perceive reality, we remember what we have stored in our minds as an example of something that is similar to what we are experiencing.  Life is always new, everything changes from moment to moment inside or outside me.  You can only enjoy the beauty of a river or waves on a beach once or constantly depending on your intention to pay attention to reality.  The river and the waves are continually changing.  But you will not enjoy their beauty if you assume that you have already seen them and do not deliberately pay attention to making any new observations.

Have you looked once again into the eyes of the person you love and with whom you have formed a family?

When I live superficially I do not pay attention to what I experience when I face reality, nor to what the relationships I maintain with others mean to me.  When I love I am really interested in what happens to me and to all those I love.  Loving is paying attention, it is being present.  If I have the intention to pay attention to what I feel, I enjoy what life brings me or I pay attention rationally to things that I might dislike.  I only live my life if I am present.