​Suffering is the prime cause of my lack of awareness?


Concepción, Chile

We are not aware of most of the reality of what we are.  Science which assiduously researches everything that concerns our reality, has not completed its learning about man.  And we, who are the ones being researched, live without knowing about important issues related to the quality of life we can attain.  A lack of awareness is our travelling companion.  We were taught beliefs, assumptions, ways of interpreting reality and how to dominate the weak, but not to learn about ourselves.

We are the victims of our most primitive, automatic reactions since we have not been taught that we have potentialities that would enable us to avoid the most important and frequent sources of suffering.

Man is afraid and, in his ignorance, nothing better occurs to him than to arm himself in order to conquer those he considers may harm him or who possess what he believes he needs.  His fear is of such magnitude that he does not know how to live in the moment he is experiencing but, in his anxiety, he seeks to accumulate what he believes he needs to have in order to safeguard his future wellbeing.  At all levels of human communities, countries, towns, businesses, families and individually, man is a victim of his fears.

The current state of the planet and of those of us who represent life provide the most preternaturally clear demonstration that we live in fear.  We spy on each other to discover how we are being stripped of our freedoms and we try and find out if we are being robbed and how our remaining low quality of life is being threatened.

We are unaware of the fundamental interdependence of existence and we come to believe that it is possible for us to live apart and immersed in conflicts.   We have learned to create conflict through our thoughts and through the mistaken interpretation of events that are the result of our fears.

The fear of powerful people has demonstrated, due to their massive lack of awareness, that it can destroy this world and this is what has been happening.  Fortunately, a lack of awareness can be combatted through paying attention and an appreciation of the consequences of the lack of awareness of some people and their destructive power.  Because of that some of us are heading in the opposite direction.

But the strong and powerful are on the side of a lack of awareness, which means that there is no doubt that things are going to continue like this for a long time to come; the suffering of the weakest will continue to be the dominant feature of the reality we experience.