​We rarely pay attention to our presence.


We spend our lives accompanied by a background noise produced by the unrestrained flow of our involuntary thoughts.

The painful discomfort that this noise causes us affects us and shapes us mentally and emotionally, predisposing us to experience the situations posed to us in our daily lives in a confrontational way.

The disturbance caused to us by this troubling noise is a source of unhappiness and suffering. We lose energy and flexibility; we tend to see things negatively; we easily become annoyed thereby losing our ability to deal with the challenges of life.

At times this uncomfortable noise stops, which provides us with a sensation of relief.  At other times we seek to relieve the pain it causes in alcohol, food, sex and other activities that help us to anaesthetise ourselves.

The inner noise caused to us by our wandering thoughts does not just irritate us but causes us to be at odds with ourselves.

So, practising mental hygiene, by deliberately paying attention to the present, is an individual responsibility we have for our own health and by extension for that of everyone else.