​When are we aware?


Awareness is not something innate in human beings; it is a resource that evolution has introduced to the development of our species and whose use depends on the sense of WILL and RESPONSIBILITY of each individual.

Our awareness of the present allows us to capture the flow of life, from moment to moment.  Everything changes from moment to moment: other people, things, the climate, nature and everything else.  The only common denominator in our experience of becoming aware of every moment that we live, is life itself, the sensation of life that pervades everything to which we pay attention.  Therefore, in our team we tend to say that the essential purpose of awareness is to connect with the experience of life, to connect through our personal experience to the greatest phenomenon of which we all form a part: LIFE.

Awareness of the present awakens a powerful force in the individual that is capable of arousing their responsibility and commitment to life.  It provides us with a natural channel to better ourselves, to make us capable of recognising when an action is beneficial or detrimental to our lives.   An aware experience of the present offers us the opportunity to understand the experience of living and COMMITTING OURSELVES CONSCIOUSLY to LIFE.  It offers us the possibility of discovering how to improve our existence by ALIGNING our thoughts, feelings and actions to the circumstances that are able to sustain HARMONY and EQUILIBRIUM in our lives.

Initiating a life that is aware of the present is a PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.  Nobody can make me conscious of a moment that I am going through.  Others may be able to persuade me to acknowledge the transcendence of living with an awareness of the present.  They may be able to motivate me and help me through examples, anecdotes, narratives, metaphors and lots of explanations. 

It may be that what I appreciate at an intellectual level seems quite engaging and may excite me.  However, despite all the efforts that others make, it is only if I make the move to pay attention to the present moment in my life that I will be ABLE TO AWAKEN my AWARENESS of LIFE.