​When I try to run away from my entanglements do I cling more to them?

Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain

I am going to ask you something: don’t think of an elephant!  Did you manage it.  Nearly all of us immediately think of an elephant.  Even once the trick is over, the animal will continue to linger in our imagination.  Escaping from entanglements has that same quality of lingering, they stick to us with super glue.  I remember that my grandmother used to asked me to unravel the many tangles that her sewing threads got into.  Sometimes they became tangled into small ball of threads of various colours.  You can be sure that it was not long before I despaired.  I wanted to finish the tedious task as quickly as possible, it got on my nerves and made me want to run away.  One day, when I was a bit older, I focussed all of my attention on the “entanglement” of threads, as if it were the most important thing in my life, without complaining or judging, just getting on with it, unravelling the tangle so that I could pull out the threads until everything ended up beautifully organised!  What joy I felt.  And now I recall that the joy did not come at the end, but at the very moment when I decided to change my attitude, to focus and not to run away.