​Why do I colour the present with the past?


Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain.

When do I colour the present with the past?  Think a bit.  Recall something you often talk about with your friends or with your children and grandchildren.

What do you normally say when you dislike particular situations in your daily life?  When you show your dislike about what is happening, do you tend to say – how awful things are these days! – giving people to understand that in your day, in your time, in the past, things were not as bad.

You may, or may not, be right, that is irrelevant.  Whatever the case, you are showing your dislike for what is happening today, in the present.  You are denying what reality shows you.  You are not accepting your present life and you would like to exchange it for times that were, or seemed to be better for you.

That is not just nonsense on your part since you know that the only thing you can achieve by that is to make your irritation palpable.  But also, you become distracted from your life and that is the most frequent error that we humans commit: “not living in our wonderful present.”  If you often make this mistake, you are not just wasting your time, but your life.