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Exercise: The spoon

Objective: Being conscious of the body through the balance.

Material: Tablespoons. Ping-pong balls. Scarves to cover the eyes.

How to do it: The children are placed at one end of the classroom with the spoon in hand and the ball on the spoon.

At the command of the monitor, they all walk until they reach the other end of the classroom, trying to keep the ball from falling to the ground. If the ball falls, the child starts again. The goal is to reach the other end without dropping the ball.

While exercising, the monitor should repeatedly remind them to feel the body, feel their feet firmly on the floor, and breathe slowly while walking quietly and with a straight and relaxed back.

Then the same is done but with the eyes covered with a handkerchief.

Dialogue: After all children have done the exercise well, ask them to explain what they did for not dropping the ball. (Relaxed, breathing calm, feeling the feet, the back, the hand, that is being aware of what was happening).

Exercise: We are models

Objective: Being conscious of the body through the balance.

Material: Books.

How to do it: Children are placed at one end of the classroom with a book on the head. The goal is to walk slowly to the other end preventing the book from falling. The monitor will remind them to feel the body relaxed and breathe calmly. The game is repeated until they improve their balance but what matters is that they feel their body in the space and they feel firm and aware in what they are doing. The important thing is to practice attention to the present, that is, to be in what they are.

If children’s age permits, objects can be placed on the floor with the aim of crouching and picking them up without dropping the book on their heads. 

Exercise: The conscious body balance

Objective: Being conscious of the body through the balance.

How to do it: Standing. Barefoot. In circle. We previously did the breathing exercise of The Cloud to quiet the children. They should feel their feet as if they were sinking on the ground, as if they were the roots of a tree. From this position and feeling firmly grounded, adopt one simple posture like the shown in the pictures below. All children are invited to breathe slowly, with your shoulders relaxed and feeling your body balance. Realize if you are tightening muscles that do not need to be tightened. Be ware of this and relax every muscle possible.

Make children notice that if they get distracted by anything, they will easily fall.

Go on, just do it!

excersice on body balanceexercise on body balance