Am I affected by my state of absentmindedness?

Contribution by Isabel Hernández Negrin from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.

Living absent from my own life? Is that possible? I don’t think so – in reality, I’m always with myself, no? There are ways and ways to live. Have you never walked down a path without remembering any of it? Or failed to remember the details of a conversation, or where you left the keys, or been in a meeting with your head somewhere else. Well, all of that is a consequence of living absent from oneself. That is, without paying attention to oneself, to what happens within or outside of oneself. Normally, this is the way in which we live the majority of our time. Sometimes we attend a little to what we’re doing and somethings we move like robots, with the automatic pilot on.

This includes our moods, our tensions, etc. They pass by us, unperceived.

We can be a Little irritated or taciturn without knowing very well why. We can respond better or worse, according to how we’re feeling, perhaps due to something that happened before and which has nothing to do with the present situation. This is how I tend to live my life when I’m distracted, absent from myself.

We’re giving incoherent responses to what’s before us, according to the mood that the movie playing in our heads has left us in.

For all these reasons, living distracted from myself affects me and the relationships the I maintain from that state.
It seems to me that it’s like passing in front of very dirty glass, where it’s more what I imagine or suppose than what I perceive directly.