Am I just looking to touch something pleasant or also feel the pleasure of being touched?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

Living in our presence is something that gives us the sensation of being alive, that our lives have meaning and that we are travelling towards where we want to be.   Living in a distracted way, on the other hand, is to waste what we are, our energy and time.  Those things, the time and energy we have are what enable the miracle that we know exists within us and that we have not always known how to find.  We have a priceless treasure within us and we do not make use of it.  I have learnt to focus on small details, taking my wife’s hand, looking into her eyes for a while (those same eyes that I spotted looking at me almost sixty years ago), stroking one of our pets, walking without hurrying, looking through the window at the rain falling on the camellia covered with red flowers etc.   Any internal or external activity that we do can enable us to be present within us.  The things we do are not just pleasant and fleeting, because of the way in which we normally do them, but they are our life, our time and energy, they are what we are.  That is, I am aware, I feel that what I do gives me pleasure.

In other words to join in this discovery of the wonder of “living life”, do not just enjoy what life offers you, but be aware that you are enjoying it.  Be present in your life to such an extent that you can be aware that you are feeling, and what you are feeling.

The natural origin of what today we call meditation and which we resort to whenever we believe we need some help, is getting in touch with ourselves.  All the help we may need comes from ourselves. 

We are wonderful beings and fully prepared for life.  We can think, feel and act.

Meditation makes it possible for us to feel, an activity that we always experience in the present, whatever we may be thinking, feeling or doing.  Meditating is being aware of what I experience.  It does not oblige you to stop what you are doing, nor use incense, robes or adopt specialpositons.  Just to be present in yourself. 

You have almost finished reading this piece of text; be aware of what you feel as a result of reading it.