Am I my #routines?

Contribution made by Isabel Hernandez Negrin. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Let’s see what we do during the day and look into our routines. It’s probable that when I go to bed a follow certain repetitive steps. When I get up in the morning, something similar happens. From going to the bathroom to having breakfast, the steps I follow while moving about, the topics of conversation, even my normal attitude… everything is very repetitive, a routine. We also have internal routines: we worry about the same things; we like the same things; we have the same ideas, beliefs, and opinions. All this leaves little space for the new and for ourselves.

When we feel overwhelmed because of this, we can look for escape routes, like planning a trip to some exotic place, some relaxing vacations, attend a macramé or self-help workshop, watch a soccer game with my friends, and other even can drink more than they should. These and other distractions work to compensate that annoying feeling of routine in which it seems we are sleepy, like our senses are dull. We become automatons.

We become our routines when we can’t or don’t know how to pay attention to ourselves to look closely at the lives we’re leading or how we live it. It all starts with a pinch of intentional attention to what we’re feeling instead of running here and there without purpose. Even if there are many things to do, I’m sure you can stop a moment and look into what you’re feeling at those times. If you do that, I’m sure you will find that illusory peace you seek with vacations and other distractions. Besides, from what are you truly trying to distract yourself? Have you ever wondered?