Am I the image I have of myself?

Comment by Jose Pares Perez. Concepción, Chile.

We have an image of ourselves that we have been painting with every step we have taken in life. In this self-portrait, we often highlight those details we believe can impress other people.

We have so many responsibilities we assume in life that the image we project to others has some importance. However, that image we show others is very different to the image we have of ourselves, and, it goes without saying, that we are the only ones who really know ourselves; also, we are the only ones who care about the image we have of ourselves. It’s important to repeat this: we are the only ones who really know the image we have of ourselves. And it’s even more important to understand that complacency about what we really are happens because we accept ourselves as we are.

There may be details in our self-image that we don’t like. Just as there may be, and probably there are a lot, details we don’t like in the image we show others. However, what we feel inside about ourselves is very important because we are what we feel, and we observe and feel constantly. I live with myself, so the wisest thing is to accept myself; the most courageous thing is not run from myself. When I’m trying to distract myself, work excessively or convince myself that I’m too busy, I do it because I’m trying not to feel, so I don’t have to be with myself. I’m running from myself. This happens more often than we would like to believe.

Our discovery of ourselves, when we are mindful of ourselves, and this is has been verified, softens our rejection of what we don’t like, it begins our own acceptance of it. I know myself, so I change myself. Let’s don’t kid ourselves; life is not paradise, full of light and flowers, blessings and divine presents.

When we resist ourselves, when we don’t accept ourselves, we are not able to see those dream things even if they are in front of our eyes. We can’t be satisfied, we can’t love, enjoy our own presence if there’s something we don’t like about our self-image. Discovering and accepting ourselves just as we really are is what some people call “enlightenment” y they often take ownership of that gift. The light of our conscious gaze is mindful of what we feel, of our self-image. I lost my fear of looking at myself just as I am while watching myself in my own mirror. In that mirror, everything is reflected, everything that we are, little by little.