Am I the only irreplaceable book in my library?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile

I remember that in my country when I was a child, when you met a person who knew a lot about everything, it was said that they were “an open book.”

We may be full of knowledge about different subjects and that may make us feel fulfilled and rather proud of it.  However, if I have not read the “only irreplaceable book in my library” which is myself, I lack the fundamental knowledge for a full and peaceful life.

The book that I am contains all the most important aspects of my life.

The knowledge poured out there into the book I am, is the totality of the experiences I have gone through, which includes everything that has meaning for me, whether or not I am conscious of it.  In it is written the source of what today may be difficulties in living a life that is completely at peace. 

Our attitudes, our behaviour, our character, all of those things that may displease us about our lives, have their origin inscribed there in the book we are.  Adopting an attentive life is something that we do with the clear intention of getting to know ourselves as intimately as we can.  Knowing ourselves in depth is the only path towards a complete freedom from everything that may keep us away from a full life, a life of peace.  Knowing how we react when we are present in our own lives comes through reading the book we are, through deliberately observing ourselves.  The knowledge acquired through reading the book that we are and deliberately paying attention to ourselves is essential for changing what we discover, because we have an interest in ourselves. The result of it is a love for ourselves and for others, the only gateway to inner peace.