Am I the only one responsible for my life?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

Nobody is closer to you than yourself and therefore the person who knows most about you and who knows best how to treat and advise you, is yourself. 

In fact you are the only one who can know yourself in depth.  It has been comprehensively proved that many of the illnesses that we suffer are caused by us allowing ourselves to feel anxiety, distress, depression, frustration and other psychological issue that end up upsetting the perfect functioning of our bodies.   It is not an exaggeration to say that our lives are dependent on our minds.  With the exception of accidents, which in some cases may even be caused by the drifting of our minds, our metabolism can be thrown off balance by tensions that we may experience repeatedly.

Not living in close personal touch with ourselves may not just take away our joy of living, but may also take away our lives. 

Those of us who know of the importance of paying attention to the life we are living are not interested in creating a group of disciples to follow us, but just in sharing with people as best we can, so that, as a world, we can experience the benefits of living in the present, of living an aware life. This interest itself is born precisely as a result of living an aware life.  We know that all of us make up the world and the health and happiness of the world is what motivates us.  The responsibility, however, is taken on by all of us who understand the importance of living an attentive life. 

How simple it is to live a good life!  It is a great pity that we did not learn this earlier.  Everything is in our hands.  We can start to live our lives at any moment.  The past does not exist to influence our lives from moment to moment.  We do not need anybody from outside to achieve a good life, we just need to learn about the tried and tested practice of paying attention to the present.