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Observing our conversations gives us the opportunity to pay attention to what we are thinking and learn to recognise the assumptions or beliefs that impede our personal and societal growth. The assumptions or beliefs that impede our personal and societal growth tend to form the basis of our behaviours and are difficult to recognise, as we identify ourselves with them. We believe that we are the same as our thoughts, although these thoughts aren’t based on reason. 

The roots of personal and societal conflicts lie in identifying with the assumptions. Observing the assumptions that we detect differentiates us from them and the conflicts associated with them. When we detect a conflict during the dialogue, we can recognise that it is connected to identification with an assumption. When we accept this, the thought loses power, allowing us to be more creative and less reactive. 

Assumptions or beliefs model the way that we think and interpret what we perceive. If we don’t detect them, assumptions or beliefs will affect our personal and societal development. We need to overcome assumptions to enable ourselves, and achieve what we need to. 

Digression causes us to lose contact with reality. This disconnection from reality means that our thoughts lead us to confuse our beliefs and assumptions with reality. Digression activates the deception mechanism, so we confuse reality with our interpretation of it. This is why it is fundamental, if we aim to detect our prejudices, to “stay in the present”. Through “staying in the present”, we connect with reality. 

Recognising and accepting an assumption associated with something or someone gives us the freedom to observe reality through new eyes.

The learning that comes with detecting and overcoming assumptions that affect our learning changes our perception of the world and our relationship with it. By changing our perception of the world and our relationship with it, we contribute to our coherence and personal harmony.