Attending to the present, offers a new perspective of our changing reality?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

The life we have flows through time.

Time does not stop because the constant movement of energy that we All are does not stop.  Everything that we are is constantly moving at great speed through an infinite space.

We have never been in the same place in this space at two different moments.

Every moment in our lives is profoundly different from the previous one.

Reality is a continual flow.

Like any traveller in time and space, we are able to contemplate our flow.

But we do not always enjoy the journey.  Our ability to remember and desire make us become distracted from the wonderful journey we are taking and that we could enjoy if it really interested us.

The experience we go through at every moment gives us knowledge and that, depending on what we have already accumulated, can please or displease us.

Strictly speaking, every moment we live is completely new to us.  That is the in-depth perspective of life’s flow.

If we did not remember what we had experienced and the impression it made on us, we would continually enjoy the beauties of the Universe, of which we form a part, as temporary phenomena.  Our acceptance of everything we go through would be natural if we did not have any precedents for the emotions that the journey creates in us.  The closest thing to this reality that we dream of is to live in a way that is as aware of the present as we can make it, which would be our equivalent of being born again at every moment.  If I am really interested in my life and it does not seem to me to be as pleasant as I wish, I always have the opportunity to renew the flow of my life. It is true that I cannot forget what I would like to forget, but if I pay attention to what I feel at the present moment, the thoughts that lead me to remember the past will be pushed into the background.  In the same way, when my life is full of thoughts produced by dreams and illusions about achieving future success or wealth, paying attention to what I feel in the present will remove these thoughts from my mind.  We always have this very powerful resource of paying attention to the present to help us with the flow of life.  Observe life’s flow continuously.