Because I believe something, should it be true?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

If there is one thing that I would like to do before my time is up, it is to succeed in making us all understand that reality is not as we perceive it. To find arguments, hard facts and crystal clear reasons so that we all understand that the reality we believe we are perceiving is only in our minds and not outside us. It is true that there is something there outside us, but what we perceive is very different from how we perceive it. We do not have the ability to perceive reality exactly as it is.

But the most important thing about the reality that we are part of and that we misinterpret is not precisely that we are different from how we perceive ourselves, but that what we perceive, feel and think is actually what we are.

It is of no importance to the quality of our lives that we can succeed in perceiving ourselves. The important thing is how we feel in our lives.

The petty stupidity of mankind is to believe that it matters how others perceive us. Because the great stupidity is to despise another based on how we perceive him, because of his race, colour, beliefs, achievements, the power he has etc., etc.

A life that is not lived in harmony, consistency and peace is a life wasted. No matter what you believe, see or enjoy, where you travel, whom you meet, what you drink, what delicacies you eat, what books you read, which gods you believe in, or palaces you live in. If you are not at peace, if you do not maintain harmonious relations with those who surround you, if you do not act in a way that is consistent with what you feel and think, none of that matters.

Your truth is in your peace, your reality is your love; your consistency is in your commitment.
That is living. That is real.

What you believe, if it does not make you feel that, is not real.