“BEING PRESENT IN ME” is BEING conscious of the present moment?

Contribution by José Parés Pérez

Concepción, Chile.

When you decide to pay attention to your breathing you are conscious that you are breathing at the moment that you do it.  You cannot be aware in the past or in the future.  You may remember that you were aware or desire to be so again in the future.  But being really conscious is something you can only do in the present.

When you decide to pay attention to the flowers in your garden, you direct your gaze towards the flowers and you become aware of what you are looking at.  You do not comment on them, nor judge them, you are just aware of them, of seeing them; you are present with them and they are in your consciousness; you and the flowers, nothing else.

If you decide to pay attention to your hands, your look or touch will show you that are holding one in the other without looking at them.  You become aware of them through touch.  This is the present and your attention is focussed on your hands.  You are only aware of your hands; you do not judge them; just your hands and your awareness of them; yourself and your hands, nothing else. 

To what do you direct your attention when you want to be conscious of yourself, when you want to be present in yourself?  Can you try this in the past or the future?    You would be remembering or wanting and not aware of yourself.  Be conscious of yourself at this moment for a few seconds…

In this state of mind you are conscious that you are aware, you are present in your life; this is PRESENCE, BEING IN YOURSELF.