By deliberately paying attention to myself, do I separate myself from other people?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile

What does it mean to attend deliberately to myself? To attend derives from the word attention which in turn means that we become aware of what our senses are perceiving or our mind is recalling or creating. We devote our efforts, our attention completely to one matter. When we have deliberately selected one particular matter, for example, myself, then I pay attention deliberately to myself.

Why would I deliberately pay attention to myself? I do it, as a matter of course, because I am interested in learning and getting to know more about what I am. I have an interest in myself, I respect myself, I perceive that there are things within me that I am not familiar with but seem to me to be extremely significant and important in making my life complete. My curiosity about myself draws me in me and I have decided to love myself. When I started to become really interested in myself, I came to understand my dependency on everyone and everything that exists.

I realised that nothing would exist if it were not for the reality of nature that sustains our lives and for the existence of humanity, for its level of development and culture at the moment and the place of my birth. I am not independent of this reality, I am reality; I am not separated from any part of reality. My interest in myself was transformed into a love of myself and has grown into a love for everything that we are. Everything is part of me and I am part of everything.

In simpler terms, through my curiosity in myself, through paying attention to myself, I have realised that what I am affects others and others affect what I am.

In reality we are not separate as we normally believe. In order to pay attention deliberately to myself I have not become separated from others, on the contrary, I feel much closer to everything and everyone.

It is my personal experience and I recount it because I wish the same for everyone.