By living in daydreams, are our lives slipping through our involuntary thoughts?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile.

The time that we spend in involuntary thoughts tends to be of great importance.  We very often tend to let ourselves be carried along by drifting.

A chain of thoughts tends to occur with no control on our part and to which we pay no attention at all.  So it isa significant waste of time, even if you consider that the distraction in some way keeps you company during your moments of solitude.

Generally this time invested in keeping you company in your times of solitude does not provide you with any benefit.   

On the contrary, these thoughts that you do not control tend to cause you sadness, distress, fear, desire, attachment, etc.

Life is wonderful, human relationships can be wonderful, but enjoying them requires us to be present in our lives, to be present in our relationships.  Dreaming is a form of running away from life.  Allowing yourself to be carried along by involuntary thoughts implies that you do not want to enjoy the present moment.  We enjoy what we feel not what we think.  We think about the memories that the past brings us, we think about desires for the future.  When you feel you are always in the eternal present.  Enjoying life means feeling what you are experiencing and that demands your presence in your life.  Whatever the instant of feeling happiness that you are hoping or yearning for, will only be found if, and only if, you pay attention to the present.  Do not let your life slip by.