What do I call meditation?

Remarks by José Parés Pérez. Concepción, Chile.

During two periods in my life, meditation has gained importance for me. In both cases, the reason for being and the actual experience were totally different. And I’ve noticed that this process repeats permanently in the reality of this practice.

Many of us talk about meditation as if it were something known and defined and the reality is very far from this. If the various practices of meditation have anything in common, it’s that they have nothing in common. Although the practice is often done in a community, it’s an activity one performs with oneself.

What I currently practice as meditation is, in reality, being in my presence. There is no specific object; I’m interested only because I am; being in myself; I accept myself as I am and I’m with myself.

Silence is the absence of the unnecessary. To love, silence presence is more than enough. How long you spend doing is not what matters, only the depth of your attention to it. This is the way to learn to love. When you learn to love, you harmonize your life (thought, feeling, and action) and you achieve lucidity and serenity.