Can anyone but me know changing reality?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez. Concepción, Chile.

The universe, of which we are one of the millions of marvellous manifestations, in its most intimate nature, keeps changing at unbelievably high velocities.

Like everything else in nature, life is change, transformation.

It is very difficult for us to observe some of the most profound changes in ourselves.

That does not hold true for our corporal and psychological changes.

In the latter field, the psychological, is where we can notice the changes at every


The experts in the study of reality of our nervous system are still not completely in agreement with respect to our psychological reality.

No matter how much we inform them of what we can observe in ourselves, they remain confused, not reaching a complete understanding of what happens inside us.

We are complex beings and the understanding of our behaviour cannot be simplified or anticipated. All we have to do is closely observe ourselves and, if possible, get to know ourselves, but above all, realize what we are feeling so as to act always in harmony, coherence and peace.

No one other than myself can understand the reason for the way I react in the face of reality in every moment. It will certainly not be pleasing to you that someone gives their opinion about your motivation to act the way you do, because no one is in the position to comment on it.

The harmony, so absent in today’s mankind, goes through accepting that we all are the reality that we discover inside ourselves.

Accepting myself and to be accepted constitute the pillars for the coexistence at all levels. It’s the step that the mankind is yet to take towards the level of equal opportunities. This happens through observing and accepting ourselves. Enough with the fears, greed and pride.