Can anyone other than you move forward on your own feet?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile

A few days ago I had the opportunity to participate, together with a friend in Sweden, in a dinner held with six friends in Spain, more precisely on one of the Canary Islands. Brilliant! Don’t you think?

We are trying to help human beings to defeat the lack of attention with which we live.

We are a group of friends who have met simply because we are united in considering that the crisis of humanity is being produced by our distraction.

It requires an almost “superhuman” effort to free ourselves from the circumstances that have distracted us and made us become used to living in a distracted way.

This requires an explanation because it is not about an institution, a philosophy, a religion, a political position etc. Quite unlike all of those things that are now so plentiful, it is about an individual, personal attitude. The steps a person should take are taken with their own two feet. It is a personal effort that nobody and nothing can make for me. It is a task that requires many sources of support to understand, investigate, practise, suggest and disseminate what we have been discovering through our own efforts.

There is nothing available for human beings to get them out of the chaos in which they live.

It has not been of any use until now and maybe that is precisely the source of the problems. As long as individual effort is not encouraged there will be no change in human beings. This distraction is caused by a fear of dying. And because of this fear of dying, we cease to live. We are living machines that have the ability to learn and reason; we know that we are going to die. The ability to feel, which we also possess, guides the decisions we take. We live like that and that is how we allow our time to pass. We are guided by our fear of dying and it completely disorientates us. Peace does not exist because there is no inner stillness. We are machines that copy what we see. If we genuinely experience what we feel, our nature will play its part. If we live in the way that society or tradition seems to approve, it may be approved by them, but your nature will not accept it and you will suffer. Paying attention to what we feel instead of paying attention to what we think means being present in our lives.

You cannot live the life of others. Living my own life demands a change of attitude in my life that is attained through practice. My decisions in life are totally different from yours. Think what you like, even if our ideas are identical, but decide based on what you feel. It is likely that you will change your way of thinking and acting.