Can I change my mood?

Commentary by José Parés Pérez, Concepción, Chile

Do you know how you feel at this moment? It often happens that we scarcely realise when we are annoyed. And if someone mentions it to us because of the way we speak to them or the expression we have, we often answer that nothing is wrong, that everything is fine. We do not like people to catch us out when we are annoyed. We would like to constantly be smiling if that were possible. But the only way to seem content and happy is to be content and happy. There is no way for us to put on an expression that does not reflect how we feel. We can lie with our thoughts, with what we write, but it is difficult to do face to face, even if you remain convinced that you do it well. If you are annoyed the people who know you, are aware of it. Such things do not lie. And if you do not want advice to solve the problem that troubles you, it is better not to let your feelings dwell on the thing that annoys you: You may say: “That is easier said than done.”

My answer to you would be: “Why would I want to lie to you?”

The reason is simple and therein lies the beauty of it.

Whatever happened changed your facial expression, you disliked whatever it was and you reacted as you always do by rejecting what had happened, on the basis that: you did not deserve it and wanted to know why these things happen to you, etc. You resisted what happened in your life and that changed your happy smiling face to a grimace of annoyance and a negative attitude. That is the truth. If it is something important, you will solve it where and with whom it is appropriate. And in that case why ruin the happiness of this moment if you are going to solve it in due course? If the issue is not that important, as is normally the case, then it does not really affect you at all, in which case, is your joy in living not more important? – whatever you can see, for example, a child’s smile, a pet’s funny antics or a tree that covers you with its shade, the pretty girl walking beside you, the doves that noisily take flight as you pass, etc. The beauty of any aspect of the present moment may, if you deliberately pay attention to it, put a smile on your face because it has distracted you from your repetitive thoughts about what happened in your recent past that you disliked.