Can I change tomorrow or only now?

Contribution made by Isabel Hernández Negrin. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

We tend to long for a better life, and sometimes, maybe we are conscious that we are the ones that should change, and that’s a lot. Even so, we tend to trust that this change will be due to an encounter with someone who would show us how to do it, or that it will be revealed in an exotic way or that a book will give us the appropriate recipe.

All these longings, what do they have in common? They are thoughts, good intentions that regularly do not materialize in the changes we believe we need. We use our thoughts to seek a change, but thoughts cannot do that. We are using the wrong tool. Thoughts tend to put success in the future; it’s how it works. We tend to give thoughts chores that don’t belong to them, because change is only possible here and now.

Changes and direct observations can only happen in the present. It is so simple that, sometimes, we don’t understand it. Let’s say that I can think or wish that my house is always clean, but we know that can only happen if I get down to clean it in the present. If I don’t it keeps on being a thought, a wish, the house would keep being dirty and, on top of that, I will be discouraged to see that, in spite of my wish, everything is the same as before. Are you laughing? Well, I hope you are. Because the changes in my life are only in the present, which is the only moment I’m living. The future is just a sea of possible hypotheses or not, but they are not the actions you’re looking for.

We are excessively used to thinking and that leads to the past and the future. That fast movement keeps us from concentrating on the instant we are living. You can only make a change if you directly observe that exact moment you are living. Change in the future is only a chimera in your head.

Put yourself in the moment and feel that this is the only moment in your life. Do it. Don’t think, don’t judge, don’t doubt, and don’t do anything else. Here and now, just you. Is there something to change?