Can I experience the facts only in the present?

Contribution made by Isabel Hernandez Negrin. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Obviously!” you will say. In addition, the observation of the facts can only be in the instant in which they happen, in order to deepen with honesty in what happens.

Sometimes, we don’t attend to the facts that we live, but to the interpretations that we immediately make of them. When I get angry, I don’t tend to pay attention to the fact at the moment I’m feeling it, but I immediately interpret the facts and say things like: I got angry because of a rude answer, or because a person offended me and I got angry, or because someone was disrespectful to me and that my angry response was right. When I get satisfied with this kind of fast explanations, I miss the possibility of seeing the origin of my reactions and, therefore, of choosing a really adequate response.

If I am attentive to what I live in that present moment, I may realize that my answer was such because I was already tired, or that I am unmotivated and any little thing made me jump, or that what someone told me just touched me at a wound that makes me always jump on the defensive, whatever the intention of the other person.

When we are not attentive, interpretations cover everything; they are like a thick cream that doesn’t let us see what happens underneath. By living with little regard for internal and external events, I can add confusion and discontent to my life. If a child asks for our attention and we are very tired, we can give an answer that he could interpret as lack of interest or affection, without that being our intention. But if we are aware of our state, we can have an answer that doesn’t cloud our relationship.

Therefore, we invite you to be attentive to what you experience at the same moment in which it happens and avoid comfortable but deceptive interpretations, which only seek to justify yourself so you can remain as good as possible before yourself.

You can live much better if you live attached to the facts without giving credit to the cream of the interpretations that you will surely come out of pure habit.