Can I feel beauty in every moment?

Contribution by Isabel Hernández Negrín, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain.

When reading this question a memory comes to me of when I was starting to practise paying attention intentionally.
When I was on the way home in the metro, I started to observe the bars that are there to hang on to next to the roof of the carriage.
I was observing them without speculating about them, without thinking about anything, just contemplating them and at that moment I started to feel happiness and to feel how beautiful that was.
It probably seems strange, but that is how it was. It was a surprise to me.
Later on, throughout my life I have noticed that contemplating something (leaving thoughts to one side, seeing as if for the first time) has that effect: feeling beauty and happiness.
Is it not possible that when we think we cease to see things as they are? Is it not possible that anything may be perceived as beautiful when we do not criticise, judge, express opinions about it or analyse it?
Every time that I look at anything, or anybody, openly, without interposing any mental judgement, the same thing happens. It is irrelevant whether I regard what I am are contemplating as ugly or pretty at some other moment. When I do not judge it, it reminds me of the look and smile of a mother watching her sleeping baby. She looks at it openly without thinking whether it is ugly or pretty, without wondering whether it will be intelligent or stupid, if it will flourish or have difficulties. She just watches it and a smile comes to her because she feels completely connected to it. In this open contemplation you love what you see. Anyone who has not tried it, will not recognise what I am saying, but it is easy to check. Wherever you are, observe what is in front of you without making judgements, a tree, a car, a person, a table or your own hand. Observe, contemplate inwardly, in silence and you will see what you feel at that moment. You tell me! Enjoy it.