Can technology not solve the lack of communication of egoism?

Contribution by José Parés Pérez

Concepción, Chile.

Very often you fall into a state of mind where you do not want to know anything about other people.  The cause of this condition may be very varied.  You were upset or annoyed about something that was done to you; you were not satisfied about how things went in your last public speech; you blame yourself for an episode in your past that embarrasses you, etc.

None of the reasons used as examples have a permanent effect as they can easily be resolved if you pay attention and observe your inconsistent attitude on ceasing to communicate with others for these reasons or other similar ones.

When you isolate yourself as a result of your selfishness the situation becomes much more complex.  If you cease to relate to other people, because you fear they may ask you to help them, since they know that you have what they need, the solution to your dilemma is very deeply ingrained in you.  It is clear to you, or it should be, that the lack of communication that you create is caused by your egoism. 

This knowledge of yourself may be the source of your task to resolve a lack of communication that is not consistent with the idea that what we are or possess is the result not just of you but of all those who have taken part in your life.  

Have you noticed that your egoism separates you from others?   Have you realised that it is likely that your attitude may also be perceived by those who associate with you without expecting anything from you?  Do you not think that when you feel lonely it will be too late to regain those beautiful lost friendships?