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The Big Game of Living Attentively 

They can be useful if you bear in mind that the important thing is paying attention to the sensations experienced, and not to be distracted by the thoughts that come up during the exercises. If not, they’ll just be evocative exercises (memory). It may happen because we didn’t think the exercises were viable, thus getting involved in representations that make us pay attention to our thoughts, distracting us from our senses. 

In addition to the exercises, living daily attentive encourages focusing on what you are doing, happily. It involves paying attention in a way that favours a willingness to incorporate being on the present as a way of life; during daily activities including crafts, entertainment, eating lunch, snacking, going for a walk or using the bathroom.  

We aim to incorporate focusing on the present as a programme of daily stimulation as part of the daily habits. Participants benefit from increased blood flow to the brain and the relaxation and harmony that come from finding ourselves through being present, understanding ourselves and our nature better.